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We offer a variety of services to fit your needs.  If you need assistance in an area not listed, please reach out to us directly and we will be sure to provide you with support to locate others that can help.

Business Start-up Assistance

Business Training & Development

Certification Assistance

Get help with building the foundation that your business will need to stand tall among the millions of business that already exist in the corporate world today. 


Most new businesses fail within 2 years of opening because they do not develop the structure necessary to survive.  Avoid this pitfall.

Get ongoing training in specific areas that are targeted toward your continued growth and development. 


We provide you with these opportunities as well as a chance to network with other businesses so that you can grow and learn.

One of the key elements to your business success could be making sure that you are properly certified with various government agencies.  This process can be confusing for many, but with the expertise of our team we can make it a smooth process. 


By going through this process you could open your business up to many opportunities reserved to businesses in this circle.

Ex-Offender Assistance

Management & Technical Assistance

Ministry/Entertainment Assistance

We provide resources to help those transitioning back into society to restore them personally, to make their family whole again. Job placement assistance is one of the key factors in becoming self-sufficient but often challenging so we identify the passion within and help them to start a business, if they have an entrepreneurial spirit.  


We have not forgotten our ex-offenders and believe one deserves a second chance.

We provide management services for your business to assist you with day to day operational tasks and areas such as contract development and negotiations. 


We also provide technical assistance, such as business plan writing to help any business owner develop correctly.

We are a "Quality Resource for Quality Ministry/Entertainment", providing all the necessary resources to start your Ministry or Entertainment, to make sure the Management & Technical assistance is provided to make your business or your next event be the best ever with "Quality Service That Exceeds Your Expectations". 


Contact us today for one of our Artists and/or Vendors.


  • Business Startup Assistance (For Profit) - $250 + State Fee

  • Business Startup Assistance (Non-Profit) - $500 + Federal Fee

  • DBE Certification Assistance - $300

  • M/WBE Certification Assistance - $300 and up

  • Sponsorships - Call for Packages

  • The 411 Radio Advertisement - Call for Rates

  • Workshops/Training - Call for Rates
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